Aug 24, 2010
2004 conv
Just purchased a 2004 Conv with 38000 kms on the odometer. Used car dealer is offering an Extended Warranty through SAL, located in Vancouver. If it was a new Vette, I wouldn't consider but a used !!!!!. Vettes can be expensive to repair, anyone have any experience with SAL or other warranties I should consider. thanks
I'd say... Consider the mileage that the car has on it, the mileage that your planning to put on it, the general condition of the car and the price of the wuarranty and you probably conclude that its a waste of money.
I've heard good things and bad things about extended warranties. It seems they can find a loop hole anywhere to make it so their warranty doesn't apply to the part that needs fixing. Glad to hear you passed on, I suggest LG headers/Cats/GHL's, a Vararm intake and Tune with the saved money.:D
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