May 31, 2009
hespeler, cambridge
1987 c4
Has anyone put louder mufflers on their c4? I don't care about the horsepower of a full cat back just would like a little more rumble. Can I just switch out the mufflers? If so what kind are best to give a little more noise without droning me out of thecar when cruising?
Stainless steel, as opposed to the old mild steel that rusts, will give a different sound. Nothing major but definitely different. In the musclecars, Magnaflows were noted for drone. Well designed mufflers won't drone. I had stainless mufflers on our el Camino and the drone was a total annoyance. Do your research before spending a lot of money. Maybe I am just getting old but I like our 2005 just the way it is, quiet when it should be yet has a mean snarl when it gets down to business. Works for this old guy. ;)
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