Riley P
Jan 11, 2009
2000 Z51
For anyone with aftermarket exhaust on their Corvettes, Please post up the year of your Corvette, the exhaust brand and any mods to the engine if any. As this grows it will give a nice little library for people looking for exhaust systems.

Thank xlr8r for the idea!
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I will pay for a free CCF tee shirt and hat to the person who pumops out the first note of sweet music. LET'S GET THIS THREAD ROILLING PEOPLE!!!!

If you can post a pic, you can post a sound/vid clip.
Maddox--your car sounds freaking sweet! No need for a stereo with that exhaust note.
Thanks yes it does sound very mean
Lots of power and fun to drive not that it wasn't fun before just better now!
Man, with these headers in the garage, all I'm going to think about all winter is getting the cat-back on, the car dynoed, and then revving that engine come srping with a s**t-eating grin on my face from side to side.


Colin, don't you have a set-up to share?
I'll try and post my Magnflow with Bassani x-pipe. I just find that my GoPro doesn't't always pick up the best sound.

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Dam.......I must be getting so old!!.... anyone got a exhaust for a C5, that sounds like side pipes on a 63-67 sidepipe?? The new cars (to me) don't have a nice "sound" they are just noisey... sorry
The Borlas actually sound pretty good. The new Corvettes will never sound like the old stuff though as GM changed the firing order in 97 with the introduction of the LS1. You just have to make the new stuff sound as good. I would be interested to hear the Flow Master exhaust.
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