Apr 30, 2012
2005 C6 1SB
Our 2005 will sashay around under hard acceleration and it isn't wheel spin. Even in third gear it will shoot off left or right as if the roads were rutted. It almost feels like something in the rear suspension is moving around causing some erratic rear steer. Our old Chevelle could break right loose going first to second and still go straight. Is this common to these cars? In first or second, it can break loose and I can tell when that is happening. With only 15k miles, things shouldn't be worn out.
I find my car will pull left or right quite a bit with rutted roads. It may be the product of the wide front tires....and if I'm not mistaken, the rack and pinion is way more sensitive to road surfaces than our old recirculating ball set up on the old cars. It's part of the whole "road feel" thing. My second thought may be that under acceleration, as the front gets lighter, the geometry might change a bit in the suspension and with both things happening, this amplifies the sensitivity to ruts.

You could always get a wheel alignment if it's a big concern.

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