Feb 24, 2009
Red Deer Alberta
2002 Z06 & 1988 C4
I just got back from getting my Corvette Dyno tuned today and it made:

444 RWHP and 406 lbft Torque @ 6500 rpm
Not bad I was hoping for 450+ but still good

Thats with:
-Trick Flow "Fast as Cast" heads milled to 11:1 compression
-Vengeance Racing VRX4 cam
-FAST 92mm w LS2 Trottlebody
-LG long tube headers, 3" crosspipe and BB Bullets
-Vararam Cold air
-FAST 36lb injectors

Last year I made 393RWHP and 370 lbft Torque with everything but Head/Cam combo
I think the results are good and in the ball park but what does anyone else think?
I have no concept of how much horsepower anything makes as I thought the hood seal I installed was good for at least 15hp.:rofl:
That should put you around what, 510-525 hp at the crank? Doesn't sound too bad to me, actually it sounds pretty good. Plus, when on the road, the efficiency of the Vararam will only increase and probably put you at or over the 450rwhp mark.
it has alot to do with ur tune as well how aggressive it is!! Who did the tune Davenport in Calgary???? There nice numbers man and Excellent mods! So you pretty well picked up 80-85RWHP with ur mods over stock did you get a baseline dyno prior to any of the mods??
Thanks... Can't wait to hit the track Friday night!! No I never did a baseline from stock. I had the tune done in Red Deer from Cam at Light Speed Inovations, It not a real aggressive tune more of a safe tune. I am still have problems with ideling after I rev the motor above 4000 then let off it wants to die out, He tryed to tune it out but couldn't get it and was just wasting Dyno time.... I did my own port and pollish job on throttlebody...might have something to do with it, so I drilled a small hole in the flap and got some more idle problem out,
Well I just dug this post up... Going by everything on here Albertaz06, I think we might end up with exact same result... Be interesting to see!!! Having said that... I drove my baby today!!! It handled great and offered no surprise even with the summer only tires on it!!
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