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Jun 8, 2009
2002 C5
I recently had my car on Manny's Dyno during his open house and reached 459 hp with 422 ft/lbs of torque. Manny quickly advised that the fuel/air ratio was too lean and after a tune we went back to the dyno to achieve 486 hp and 436 ft. lbs of torque (what a difference a properly done tune can make). The car is quite noticeably more responsive and the slight lag at 3500 rpm has disappeared as a result of a much better power curve throughout the rpm range.
Now wanting to reach the 500 hp club, Manny ordered a new Lingenfelter pulley and belt for the supercharger to increase the boost from 6 to 10 psi. The install has now been completed and with the added boost the car is ready to run the dyno again. I am eager to see the results tomorrow as I am scheduled for another run.
Hopefully I will have a slot early as I'm certain many others are eagerly awaiting their turn on the dyno as well.:D
This is a really a great opportunity for anyone to see the results of the mods purchased for your ride for the modest price they are charging. For me, it has also brought to my attention a potentially dangerous problem of running a car too lean possibly damaging the motor.
I hope to be bringing my brother with his '69 Firebird with a 400 he has built and a couple of other buddies with their North American muscle too. This should be a fun day and hope to see many others.
I think I'm gonna have a tough time sleeping tonight!:sleep:
Woooohoooo Terry --- 500+ coming real soon.........YEAH Man. Top of the heap. Wonder if Manny has any surprises up his sleeve????????? hmmm.we'll see tomorrow. may the best man win. :canada::canada::canada:

Marg and I and bro Terry hope to make it tomorrow and look forward to some real good dyno #'s -- best of luck, Terry.....If we get a chance to go it will be early too.

Would love to see your bro's 'Bird too.

Unfortunately, my brother bailed due to work committments (the joys of owning your own service related business).

Any chance we'll see yours on the dyno Colin ...

Next time for your bro. no worries.

LOL, Terry, I was asked that more than once today .......

Not committed yet, but ya never know. I'm a little afraid that if I got the 'bug' I'd want to try to blow everyone out of the water.
Whether I made it or not is debatable but I do know I can't afford the race..........at the moment.........Tomorrow???? well that's another time.

Hoping to make it at least tomorrow to witness some good runs.

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Would love to know the results of the best base model dyno run--naturally aspirited.

Good luck all--just changed the oil today before winter. Was such a nice day--what a way to get my "last licks" in before THE DARKNESS. May can't come soon enough, LOL.

I'm envious that you guys get to do this. Are dyno runs pretty hard on the car? I've never really seen one done live, but imagine a lot of noise, high RPMs, and smoke.
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Had we been able to get down that way, I would have loved to see what our car puts out. It's just a stock 2005 LS2. I've found, over the years, that the seat of the pants dyno is a pretty poor one. However, judging by the tach, speedometer and seat of the pants, I suspect that our 2005 would be showing tail lights to most of the old musclecars that we have ever owned. Back in the day I had a 1968 Ram Air 400 Firebird done up by London Motor Products. I'd be curious to see what something like that would do on the dyno too. It's pretty obvious that a lot has been learned about making horsepower over the years and there isn't much of that old stuff in stock form that would come close to today's cars and that's just the base models like ours. I'm sure you guys will have a ball and we wish we could be there too to see the action.:D
Gotta love the sound of that supercharger I was there today and it gave me chills. But I'm trying hard to not get the bug in me.
What were the results? Did you hit the 500rwhp mark?

No results yet , waiting for a new pulley . The one we used caused the belt to slip . New pulley will be here Friday, we will post up results then .
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