OK; I'll play:
At the Bayfield VetteFest along with another few C4's I traveled with that day:

Depressing how few pictures I took of my car last summer. I bet fix that next year with some proper pics. Anyway, here is a shot before the car went to sleep and another one when the car was parked for cruise weekend.



We were at one of our meets where a member that comes by occasionally brought his ZR1.


I was supposed to take my Corvette to Red Deer but the water pump gaskets had a different plan, so while I was there, this was my meager ride. :D

Thanks for the compliments guys.

You know, honestly, I haven't touched the car with wax/rejex/zaino or anything. The only reason why is that the car still beads like it was just waxed and the previous owner never touched the clear coat which has always made me hesitant to start using something. However, last summer I felt the paint and it is rough and really needs to be maintained with a clay bar and some sort of protection. As I have zaino, I am going to use that first. And as I also have rejex, I am going to use that on my wheels. I'll see if I can do a before/after when I get this done. I can't remember the name of the polish that I used on the tips. I'll get it later tonight but I think next time I would use Bar Keepers Friend or Adams as I have heard great reviews on those products. The stuff I used is good, but I think there is better stuff.

HA! C3 sandwich! That was a good night. Anytime my car is sandwiched between a couple other vettes, things are good!
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