Jul 15, 2012
Fairview, Alberta
2006 Z06
Well, I figure a moment like this deserves a brand new thread.

As you may remember, I was getting ready to go to pump out the methanol from the Z06 where it is stored for the winter and to add the WW fluid.

First thanks to Arun and Colin for helping me get my head wrapped around this. I had one technical issue that I only had an idea for this morning when I was walking - that being how to seal the drain hose onto the end of the braided methanol line. It came to me when I was walking that I would try using tape.

So rather than trying to suck all the methanol out of the tank I went with the recommendation of removing the braided hose on the injector fitting instead.

Let me take you back a few days.

I bought some bookshelves in GP about 2 hours away from here. Trips get made often and in this case my dad was going there and so mom said that they could bring the bookshelves to my place for me. I buy and read a not of history books and some of these tomes are heavy and it is not uncommon to bow the shelves but solid bookshelves are expensive. These are a matched pair that are 4 feet wide but unusually have a center vertical piece so that the individual shelves themselves have a shorter distance in between where they are fastened so it is less likely to bow. Lets say that I'm about as fussy with my books as Manny is with having his shop clean and tidy. So, this starts to go wrong when mom calls me to tell me that dad said he's only going to bring back one of the bookshelves first as they won't fit lying down between the box fenders of the truck. Of course I reply that as the shelf is only 12" deep and it has to go vertically on its side there is plenty of room for the two of them in between the fenders and that she "needs to find something big and heavy to beat some sense into dad". Alas no bookshelves arrive. My mood, while it may seem silly, is very black at this point.

I don't hear from mom or dad until Sunday night when I elect not to even take their phone calls and yes I know, pretty juvenile of me. So be it, I'd rather not talk with them while I'm this PO'ed.

So back to the methanol.

So I arrive and oh joy find that the battery minder has been working its job and that the door opens, I pop the hood, locate the line (much excitement!!) and try to put the larger ID sized hose I have with me - I was smart enough to bring two different sizes. It will almost fit but not quite. So I manage to stretch it a bit using a deep wall socket and finally get it on. Good thing it was only about -2 at this point as plastic becomes a bear to work with. I also wrap the area with tape as per my plan. As a precaution to check for leaks I wrap a piece of paper towel around where the tape was put.

I hop inside the car, open the Akly Control door (where Manny did such a clever job of mounting it too), hit the key without starting the car, wait for the chimes to die and hit the "test" button - I am expecting to hear the pump whine and see methanol come through the line. NOTHING!

However black/sad/depressed I was feeling it got worse.

At this point my cell phone rings and while I know it is mom or dad I decide to answer it and indeed it is mom.

Back to the bookshelf story now. They are going back into GP on Wednesday as Dad has some engineering stuff to do. It now gets more complicated. Now I have to go along myself since my Aunt has a doctors appointment in GP and as she never bothered to get her driver's license in her life other people have to drive her. In this case guess who?? So now not only do I still have to go to GP to get the bookshelves which is something that I had hoped to avoid doing myself, but I just became a taxi service as well which could entail many stops at various stores on the way home.

My cell phone dies at this point..............

Had I known this I would have picked the bookshelves up myself last week and avoided all of this.

Back to the methanol. My stories are never simple eh! So I go back to my old office with Manny's business card in hand to call Manny for help with this matter. Dave answers (and thanks for all your patience too Dave!) and so he gets stuck dealing with me.

Dave tells me that actually the red diode light on the Alky control should be coming on whenever you turn the key on - nope I tell him, no light. So we talk more and I'm thinking it must be a lack or power, maybe a fuse failed. So Dave talks me through where everything is and so off I go back to the car. This time I remember to take out the headlamp that I have for my son to read with in the dark so I can see better. I find the fuse box, there are three wires including the black one with the red end attached together and I follow this one back to the fuse. It appears that it might not be plugged in all the way (hope!!) so I push the two ends together and hop back into the car. With the headlamp on I look into the space where the Alky Control it installed and my heart basically stops.

Someone has turned the dial to the "zero" of "off" position!!

Now harken back to April when I went to Manny's to test drive the car and Manny told me "Never turn the dial" and of course I never have. No one else has ever driven the car nor been in the car when I was not in it. While I can not think this conclusively, my only assumption is that the car was only ever out of my hands once - when the fuel pump failed and it went to the locak GM dealer to be replaced. We know how that experience went for those of you that read that thread.

I can not figure out why they would tinker with that knob at all but I can't think of any other time it could have happened. I do remember that the knob was set between 6 and 7 and so I turn it to that and hit the key.


So I start the car. For one thing the noise inside a garage almost scares teh daylights out of me and a huge smile comes over my face.

Better yet, the red Alky Control light is on now!!!!!!!!!!

So I can see the hose, push the test button and methanol starts to flow!!


So I stop the car after a while and check my paper towel. It is wet, but not dripping. I have this vision of the car bursting into flames and my house burning down at the same I replace the paper towel and start the car and push the button again. I have visions of methanol spraying all over the headers at this point! So I stop the car again, put a new paper towel in place and repeat until it stops flowing.

Then I add the WW fluid and hit the test button and then get out and confirm that the container has blue fluid in it which it does! Oh joy, the methanol has been drained, WW fluid added and run through the system.

The car didn't explode or burn and my house is still standing. I feel a certain sense of accomplishment.

But I am left with one final unanswered question.........

Can you guess? And I probably need to address this to Manny or Arun.

How critical is the Akly Control knob setting? Are things totally screwed up now? Like I said, I remember it was between 6 or 7 (I think) but not where it was exactly. How critical is the setting??

And thus my story ends. A small victory and hopefully some good news from Manny or Arun later and I would be feeling much better about things.

Outside of my bookshelves anyway - LOL!


Lol -- good story Garry and success -- I did say way back in one of my posts that you will have to start the car to activate the Alky system.

As far the the dial setting -- I don't know. Mine is set at somewhere between 6 and 7 if that helps but you'll want to confirm that setting with Manny or Arun.


Garry , there is never a dull moment with you is there :rofl:

Glad to hear its all good , and sorry I missed your call buddy .
Brian's latest project is the fake glue on wood supercharger kit so we can get a better table at Timmies. I hope this goes better than the wood spoiler as I've already cut the hole in my hood.

but back on topic, I hope Garry continues on with this epic saga, I can see a book or maybe a movie deal in the works.
Good morning you group of rogues!

I have to admit, I have never felt the sort of release of frustration that typing this thread gave me last night. The best and least expensive therapy I have ever experienced. It made me realize that I really need to suck it up and start to think instead about why it is important for me to help out others and not to be thinking about how it might be an inconvience in my life. In the end, I suppose, if it gets the bookshelves home and helps my aunt out, maybe I need to make a little more effort. After all, what else would I be doing with the time - reading, working on my models, out exercising - and those are activities that are not time dependent, they can be engaged in at anytime I want. I'm not doing farm work, I don't have my son and I'm not loading grain. So why not? Just because I don't like driving? Maybe I need to think about how I will be in need of help myself one day and how I hope that those around me like say my son will respond based on what I teach them is right.

The bookshelves are kick ass and just what I am looking for. It is a great deal, the owner said they were $1800 18 months ago and I'm paying $200 for the pair. So if it is a bit more of a challenge maybe they will be a remembrance of the experience of getting them and not how dad managed to bungle things up for me instead.

Back to the car - it did hit me this morning that there was one other time time car was not with me. No, it is not when it was being transported back to Edmonton from Ontario, as there have been one or two high boost situations when the green dash light has come on. What I remembered was that the car was also out of my hands when the paint was being repaired at the body shop in town, the day before the fuel pump failed.

So it could have been someone at the autobody shop and while it might be unexpected to have them toying with the Alky Control dial, I also can remember when I was having a truck paint touchup and when I got the truck back they had changed the CD in my stereo and some of my change was gone so people can be a bit unsavory at times.

My money is still on the garage and I think that the smart money would be but I just can't say that now with as great a confidence as I had previously.

It does feel so good to have the methanol drained though and that I've gained a new skill in looking after the car too.

But the question remains, and if Manny or Arun could help, what is the Alky Control dial setting and how critical is it to be where it once was? There should have been a dial lock feature to stop stucky fingers!! Sometimes dials have a pull-out requirement before they can be turned and then you push them back down to lock them in place so they can't be accidently turned.........

Can you estimate what yours is at Colin?? 6.5? Above or below that?? I wonder if they are the same??


Good morning Colin,

I'm sure glad I don't have to worry about Alky Control seals any more! I'm going to try to work under the guise that the setting needs to be close to a given value but not exactly at a certain value. Might as well not get myself worked into a frenzy until I need to, right?! I am curious to see if the settings are close for our cars and will have to make a note of what it isuppose to be set at in case something like this ever happens again. Maybe I should add a drop of cyano to lock the dial in place from now on?

10 cm more snow, 40 km winds expected. Ho ho ho!

Present wrapping today. Mom's 70th birthday tomorrow too, I'll have to bake a cake. Maybe she'll want to wait until the weekend when I hope Aidan will be here.


Good morning Colin,

I'm sure glad I don't have to worry about Alky Control seals any more! I'm going to try to work under the guise that the setting needs to be close to a given value but not exactly at a certain value. Might as well not get myself worked into a frenzy until I need to, right?! I am curious to see if the settings are close for our cars and will have to make a note of what it isuppose to be set at in case something like this ever happens again. Maybe I should add a drop of cyano to lock the dial in place from now on?

10 cm more snow, 40 km winds expected. Ho ho ho!

Present wrapping today. Mom's 70th birthday tomorrow too, I'll have to bake a cake. Maybe she'll want to wait until the weekend when I hope Aidan will be here.



No need to lock the dial Garry -- just mark the pointer location for reference.

The cold I don't mind so much. The wind I hate. It's the worst part of winter for me.

I'll be talking to Manny soon and I'll ask him about that dial setting.

Stay warm,

Garry -- I just got off the horn with Manny and he says to leave the adjustment at the top position. He said he always recommends leaving it as such. So that's easy ... and nothing to worry about.

Good morning Colin,

Do you mean turn the dial all the way up to the right - like full blast on?? I don't remember it being that high to start with but if that is what the word is it will be easy to remember in the future! Or have the pointer facing to the top of the dial at the 12 o'clock position (this would be a setting of say 5 perhaps??).Thanks for the inquiry too.

I am so on the same page with you regarding wind. It doesn't matter the season/time of year I can't really say much positive about wind. It is the one type of weather I just dread and never look forward to being outside in. Especially now with another 10 plus cm of fresh fluffy snow and not winds for the rest of the day at 40 km/hr. In preparation I moved my ex-RCMP pickup 4x4 to the beginning of my driveway where it can easily get to the road - I had it stuck in the yard yesterday but oddly it just walked out on its own this morning. Maybe because the temperature is lower and the snow is not as soft? I drove up and down the driveway a few times to pack down a trail and them took the Sentra to down. I can't speak highly enough of a front-wheel drive vehicle with proper winter tires - what a tank this car is! Not as good as my TDI Beetle with winter tires and a locking differential - I could drive in snow until it started to push over the hood! But the Sentra is very good too.

I talked with Dad this morning - he tricked me by blocking his number and that is usually how my gf's phone is displayed. And yes it is a full scale production to get the bookshelves. Most jobs with dad no matter how simple can not be completed without plywood and rope and this one is no different. Engineers (and excuse me too Wayne!) can never do things the simple way it seems, or at least dad is terrible for that. you know the term over-engineered? Good for bridges or buildings or airplanes or spaceships but moving bookshelves - that needs to be done the easy way especially when it involves me!


No problem Garry -- Manny suggested the highest setting -- all the way to the right.
Not sure why ours wasn't set there initially but there you are. Just crank it all the way to the right. Apparently that injects the most meth.

Good afternoon Colin,

Now that is something I can live with - the simple solution, dial all the way to the right it is!


And the sense of relief that nothing is going to have gotten screwed up with the tune is palpable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Garry and Colin, maybe this will help give you a better insight to what the meth tank is used for. When you run a blower, you have a greater chance of detonation in your engine due to the higher compression ratios. The water or meth or WWA helps cool the cylinders down as it evaporates in the burn process. Turning the meth control all the up just gives you a better cooling effect and a little bit more power but probably not enough to notice.Thats why Manny recommended turning it full on. The thing to be sure of is that you never let the tank run dry or you'll fry the engine in WOT for sure.
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