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Mar 12, 2011
1998 convertable C5
This is where I will be at this weekend....:D

Festidrag Saison 2012 | Bienvenue

I always wanted to try this just for the fun of it...My freind who ownes a chevy malibu 1978 with its 800 horsepower, goes to these drag races often asked me to come and try it....why not, I need great thrills...:D I never really pushed my vette to top speeds yet...this will give me a good idea of what she can do...I can't wait !!!:driving:
I will let you know what my scores are....
No drag Race....for me

:mad: Looks Like I wont be making to the Drag race this Saturday...Look what happened to my baby today...:swear:
One of the coworker's at work did this with his big pick-up truck dodge Ram...We always parked beside each other, and today he decided to cut corners..he felt really bad...I felt like it was the end of the world:(
He ran right over the corner of my front end...:swear:


this is the the scrapes on his pick up just in front of his back wheel...
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Man Danny...That sucks... But it can be fixed.....
I feel so bad for you..especially after just meeting up with you and seeing your fine ride. Hang in there buddy; there will be better days ahead.
Yeah well today I feel better...I found a good and highly recommended bodyshop and my insurance company are taking very good care of this...They will be replacing with new original parts...and while they are at it, the will do a few touch ups on the sides under the doors where the paint seemed to of lost its shine... Thanks again guy's for your concerns:coolgleam:I will show the Pictures after the repaires...
Ah man , thats awful . I would have had a heart attack .

Glad to see its going to get looked after .

TTYS Danny
Yahoo !!!

:D I got My baby back yesterday...These guy's did a great Job and looks better than it did before...They gave me a nice service....They put all new parts on...I am so happy:D
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