May 7, 2014
St. Albert
2019 Z51 Convertible
This thread is not to bash the Viper. :nono:

I would like to know more about the car and I am sure there are a couple of Viper owners on this forum that can educate me/us on some of the pros, cons and differences. I tried a Viper forum but, well, just try to get an unbiased opinion of the Corvette on here. :D

When I was looking at my first Corvette I checked out the Boxster (meh) and a certain 2001 Viper rag-top. Me being 6'3", the Viper salesman simply said "I would not be happy". Too tall I guess and no room for two sets of golf clubs, luggage, etc. But what a car!

There are a couple of newer black Viper convertibles near me and they are truly a gorgeous beast but I don't think they get the respect they deserve. And I think this is a fair statement. Check out the low sales volume they experience too. Like the Corvette, they are a h3ll of a car for the price. Plus I (always) hear the Corvette is "America's Sports Car". But this may be due to the 60+ year heritage, I guess.

Personally if I could scrape together the money I would have a very loooong look at the Viper .... and buy the ZO6 convertible anyway. :D

Viper experience? Please chime in. We wont bite. :)


Edit: I regret that I didn't even sit in that 2001 Viper. I'll have to strike up a conversation with a Viper owner and ask for a ride. :)
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I have a friend with an early Viper, not sure of the year off hand. It has plastic insert windows if that gives any clue. Dark Green with black stripes. (early 1990's?)

I have ridden in it several times. It is a very basic car, not much in the way of electronics and built in assists. It is rough riding, noisy and completely lacking creature comforts and I love it. It is a brutally fast car that has to be driven with abandon.

If there is a down side to the Viper it, for me, is the exhaust. I don't care for the sound, much prefer that of a V8 but to each its own. Money? If I had enough I would buy one.
LOL. You Nailed It!

It is rough riding, noisy and completely lacking creature comforts and I love it.

LOL. I think you nailed the essence of the Viper! :D

To be honest, my C6 was my daily summer driver and after +130,000 klicks I think I experienced almost every bug and issue known to the model. I could really appreciate the "raw" aspects of the Viper .... but probably not as a daily driver, let alone a vacation with the wife.

And I thought it was just me; I agree on your exhaust comment. :confused:

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