Oct 13, 2011
Ancaster, ON
2004 convertible
Thinking about brakes, although to fit in with most forums I suppose I should say "breaks"

Would like red calipers, which then would lead to new rotors and pads. No desire at all to go with covers.


Take the cheap option, find a 12 year old on my street and offer him $10 to paint the existing calipers, do it the easy way, wheels stay on the car.

Any ideas on cost for the first option? No plans to track it, stockish brakes are fine for me.

At the same time I'd get rid of the runflats, if I was going to go one more step I think I'd also go with different wheels.

So I'm brakes/tires and a very remote possibliity of wheels, sadly as with most things in like it comes down to $$$, them's the breaks.

What are your plans?
If I were to do a very basic upgrade, I would find some polished C6 wheels and order the C6 Z51 rotors and caliber brackets. This is the least expensive way to go. You can find mint used wheels for $600 and $600 for the Rotors and brackets???? Not sure about that price. Anyway those brakes look great imo.
When I moved over to the 'dark side'; if you believe the comments directed
towards yours truly,[g], thought I would get away from the 'modding' environment.
NOT !!
You find that there is just as many people interested and different ways of modding
in the world of the 'P' as there is for the 'vette !!

Turbo Boxster anyone ??

Prior to my BRAKE service last winter, I just painted my calipers with a rattle can with the rotors and pads in place.(no masking required). I then replaced the rotors and pads and it looks great behind my "salad shooters". Looking at a set of chrome C6 five spoke wheels and tires (18") complete with rubber (Good Year F1) for a second set of wheels. They are asking $675, which sounds resonable to me.
Mine is a new engine as some of you already know. Liking the idea of a ZZ4 short block and building upon that.
A few engine dressup pieces like Throttle Body plate, and fuel rail cover lettering. Also a couple of C4 plaques for inside the cabin. -- for now.
Pictures as soon as I am finished.
Well ... I'm getting the whole rear end of my car and the LR fender re-painted from where it was vandalized ...

I guess you could sort of call that a "mod" :(

Send me a PM if you want the skinny on what my mods cost, and where you MIGHT be able to,save a few more dollars. I did everything you're point to do. The vette looks way better now and think they were worth the money.

If you get wheels, get a little creative.look at some wider (315) rears.......

Like Colin, so,e engine dress--up, or some interior mods would be nice. I'd like a carbon fibre bezel, maybe new seats too, but that's not likely to happen anytime soon. A jake engine bay hood liner would be awesome as well.
I'm not sure how many more I can do, but since I have an 08 and already added a cluster gauge bezel, I will order some more Carbon Fiber trim parts to complete the interior.
Rob -- that hood looks absolutely awesome!
I got to get me one-'o-dose. :D


Don't cheap out on it though if you do. There are two versions. Get the more expensive one, it is much better quality and will save you a lot of prepping headaches. The cheaper version is notorious! Avoid!!!!
I have a few really major mods just completed and planned! I have just received my safety certificate and will soon head up to Lant Insurance followed by the best mod of all... licence plates!!
I'm not sure how many more I can do, but since I have an 08 and already added a cluster gauge bezel, I will order some more Carbon Fiber trim parts to complete the interior.

Did you install your bezel yourself? Wondering how complex of a job this is...........

I think it would look good in my black exterior and grey interior.

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