I bought it on a road trip to Las Vegas with some friends from school. It was premeditated, no cool winning at gambling story. :(
But I still came away with a vette that when my one buddy saw it after picking it up, he said "I'm so jealous I want to punch you in the face". Does it get any better then that!:D
Bought my 02 vert in Calgary. A one owner Canadian car. Had all the mileage checked against the dealer done oil changes. Paid probably $3,000 more than what they were worth in 2012, but it gave me a secure feeling knowing its true mileage and mechanical history. Have all the paperwork with it too.
Both my C6's were from the USA.

The C7's are now priced better ( even real good with the dollar dropping ) but the last 10 years of Corvettes were overpriced in Canada. especially with a dollar at par till Jan of this year.

I would buy a C7 here if i wanted one..... but didn't care to overpay $10-20,000 more for the same car.

2008 - Z06 Was Bought From Dallas Texas In Late 2008 ....

2002 Millenium Yellow Convertible Was Bought From Ohio In 2006 ...

1974 Coupe Was Bought From Toronto In 1974 ....
I bought my 89 from Virginia Beach, USA, bought it from a dealer online, never saw the car and it was the BEST decision I made, thankfully! :)
With all the cars that we have bought over the years, we have never gone farther west than Bradford, Ontario or farther east than Belleville. Our Corvette was truly babied. The guy used Q-tips to clean the engine and didn't take it over 2500 rpm because he didn't want to abuse it. With 13K miles on the odometer and a fair price, I'd have to do a lot of travelling to find a better car at that price. To be sure, there are deals out there but you really have to look to find them. Then, sometimes a good deal falls right into your lap.
We bought ours 4 years ago in Oakville. Ironically we had lost a previous deal and I must admit was upset but then the deal that falls in your lap that Keith mentioned is exactly what happened. We heard about a mature gentlemen that wanted to sell the car which was parked in the garage with just over 15000 kms. We couldn't resist both the car and price. She has been a dream ever since.
I ordered my C6 from Atlanta, Georgia two years ago. had 21000 miles. waited almost 2.5 years to get the one I wanted. Very happy with it.
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