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Oct 30, 2013
None, thinking of C7
Does anyone here know of any good detailers in Edmonton or near Edmonton? I don't currently own a vette (its on order) and since up to now I've just been driving an H3 I usually take it to Bubbles only. Would you guys use Bubbles for your Corvette or take it someplace else?
I find the best place to detail my car is in my driveway / garage.
I spend a lot of time making the old girl look it's best. Hate going out in a dirty car, and no shop can show it the love I do.

lol, I don't even try. The few times I tried even washing a car in my driveway it left a lot of smears and didnt really look any cleaner. Same with when I try to use the hand-held wand at places like Hu's Car Wash.
I know an awesome place if you ever come to Saskatoon! They did a friends car that was full of dog hair and just plain disgusting. They made the car look brand new! I was super impressed even though the guy detailing the car wished he could have done more. Anyway, I was also impressed that they also only charged $20 extra for the job which I am surprised about as it was gross. So, if you come here, I know a place! :D

If you want to wash your car yourself, I suggest the two bucket method. One bucket of soapy clean water and one bucket of water to rinse the mit/sponge. Rinse the car before you start and work from the top down. Only wash enough so that you can rinse the soap off before it dries. Continue with the rest of the car and dry afterwards. I use microfiber cloths on the glass and "The Absorber" on the rest of the car. Others get small blowers to blow dry the car which is awesome as you don't touch the finish. And remember, if the sponge/mit or drying cloths touch the ground, they are done, don't continue using them until they are washed.

This should give you good results.
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