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Jul 23, 2012
Swift Current, Sk
1997 Coupe
When do you guys across this beautiful country expect that you should be driving your cars again? May long weekend? April 15? Before the local golf courses open?

I'm usually happy for May long, but already we haven't much snow so I'm starting to get itchy.
ASAP. Insurance and registration start on april first. I always get in the house by the garage and walk in front of the car every time, it's just like if she is wispering to me ''take me out, take me out''. I didin't mind about long winter before I have this car
Well, probably on the same page as you but I've been lucky a lot of years with mid to late April, however, May long is normally the for sure date. I usually like to wait until the first good rain.
We live on a privately maintained road, dirt and gravel for about a half mile. Some years the ruts are so bad that it is simply impossible to get the Corvette up the road (it is uphill all the way). I have to depend on the contractor coming with the grader after the road has dried up, one year it was June before it was Corvette passable.

I am thinking of moving to the land of sunshine, Omemee.
They are planning a 430 house subdivision in the east end of village of eternal sunshine. Some may even be on the river as the property goes back that far. If I were to sever a lot, we could be neighbours. That would be neat. I figure on getting the car out by the middle of April at the earliest and definitely after a couple of good rains to get the salt dust washed off the roads. Any time earlier is just bonus.
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Not much salt used on roads up here anymore , but I go to the car wash and spray underneath the car real good . The 75 vette I had for 4 years and drove it 12 months a year never had any problems of any kind.
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