Tony and I had talked about that day and it's cool as long as the weather holds out.
Looking forward to it everyone.

If Terry doesn't get a better offer, he'll come along too.:D

It's a deal, you'll be the feature photo for December 2015, .......unless I get too many photos of models at the car show and run out of space :)

Then again don't blame me, it's Colin with the camera :D

I'll get some good pics Jim, no worries ..

Wayne, we can never have too many pics of the models at the auto show.:D

22 jan will be ok.

But will leave early as I have MD appointment at 2pm.

23 jan is ok too, save for Kathy at MD , BUT at 3PM !!


Terry and I can't stay beyond 1pm, Tony ...... Wednesday's weather looks better from here anyway.

If Wednesday's weather turns foul we may need to fall back on Thursday.

Apologies, go for us.

2 hour drive to Manny's place, not doable with MD appointment. guys go ahead if it works for you. We hope to be at Manny's in May !


If we do go to Manny's, we can hook up the following week Tony. Mom is having a bit of a bad spell with her B/P right now anyway so dog sitting is an issue for me at the moment.

I'm in for Manny's if everyone wants to. It would suit me better since it's not far from Mom's and I'm keeping close tabs on her.

So what you think guys? -- Brian, Jim, Steve, and of course anyone else who is available -- do you want to meet up at Manny's on Wednesday?

Wayne I believe that you're in favour -- we can get Manny to buy some muffins for the diet restricted..........

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