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Feb 5, 2009
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Great build here again from the Premiere Shop

2012 CTSV Coupe _
Ported & Polished heads
Ported & Polished blower snout
Custom cam / BT double spring kit
D3 intercooler & HV pump
ARH Headers / high flow cats and x-pipe
18% over drive crank pulley
D3 Carbon fiber hood
D3 Front splitter
D3 Side skirts

This V is going to fly baby

Its all starts with a pre-dyno:

Front end off to install the D3 massive intercooler and HV pump

This thing is wicked :

Engine dis-assembly 101

Ah yes the ARH headers peeking through.

No crappy clamps here @ Dasilva Motorsports - We tig weld it all where possible to elmimate any chance of a leak .

Ported & Polished snout is a work of art

Heads up next :canada:
Looks good! What were the initial dyno readings

Hey Wayne , its 457 ish :D

That Caddy was already a monster with I believe over 700hp -- What's the aim Manny.....1000?

Watching closely.


This a new one Colin , you are thinking of Doug's Sedan that made 635 to the wheels .

This is a coupe and a brand new build .
After seeing a Hennessey CTSV (no offence Many) in Texas I will never look at ANY CTSV as a sleeper LOL Beautiful build!!
ere is our 2012 CTSV Coupe , stage 4 cam , D3 Intercooler , Lid Spacer , LPE SC pulley , Ported snout and ported & Polished LSA heads .

We are also install a full custom painted aero package with all carbon fiber hood , side skirts & Rear diffuser :thumbs:

The first start up

With such along winter , I thought some might enjoy seeing some nice builds that will be hitting the streets this spring ....come on spring .

Got the V Coupe wrapped up today : 615 RWHP & 587 RWTQ


Here is the video :D

[url=""]2012 CTSV COUPE - YouTube

Paint body up next :canada:
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