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Mar 20, 2015
Red Deer
82 Berlina Coupe SE
I made me a new horn cover.
I don’t see very much being posted here so I’m sharing this.
For those of you that are interested here’s the explanation of the build from start to finish.
The first part is the Berlina eagle that is the same design as the mark 5 German coin from 1961 until the mid 60’s. It took a lot of time to find someone who could cut out the Berlina eagle because it’s such fine work. A friend started a new business here in Red Deer and gladly took on the challenge. KCG Lazer Cutting & Design.
The main cover was cut out to my specs at Router Tech here in Red Deer. I had to put on the outside radius on the cover perimeter front and back plus machine the backside out for the original c3 horn mount hdw.
A round plate is cut out to go between the horn cover and the eagle. It’s powdercoated matt black. It’s purpose is to cover the original horn mount bolt up holes holes and has a tiny bolt welded in its centre to attach it to the main horn cover that is chrome plated. Alberta Plating in Calgary.
Finding an adhesive to bond the Eagle to the powder coated back plate was an unsuccessful challenge.
Finally I came up with this idea in my sleep.
The goal was to sandwich the eagle emblem between the powder coated plate and another flat plate with “C” clamps to pressure the eagle emblem to the powder coat finish. Then heat it up to 400 degrees in the wife’s oven. I hoped to heat up the powder coat enough for it to bond to the eagle emblem. It worked like charm As a result there is no 3M or similar bonding adhesive to be seen. It’s so very clean.
So there you have it.
It was a fun project and a different project that I thought I would share here.


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