of the tri-five chevy's i like the 55 best. my dad had one back in the 50's, a chacoal gray 2 dr 210 model. we have a couple of 55's like the one in the ad that are regulars at the bridgenorth cruise night. i'll bet keith tedford has pics of them. :D
A friend of the family had a 2 tone blue and white 2 door Biscayne, 265V8 and 3 on-the-tree .. I was 10 when I first saw it having just arrived from England.

As you can imagine, that car left a lasting impression on me and my brother.

From the stodgy early 50's chevs -- wow what a giant step forward in design.
The numbers I've seen say GM sold 1.7 million 55 chev. cars.

Staggering numbers.

Loved 2 lane blacktop, here's the car:

There used to be a red primer one in Dundas, engine set back, could pull the front wheels on the street. They look good even in primer.
Good article Doug. AG is one of my all time favourite movies. I'm a bit more partial to the yellow '32 but like the '55 as well. There's a very good reproduction of Milners's '32 here in town. I've got a picture of it here somewhere.

Here it is:

that's a superb clone greg. guitar legend jeff beck is a huge fan of the graffiti deuce and has a dead on replica. he badly wanted the movie car but the current owner won't sell. he was able to obtain the movie car's license plate so it's impossible to tell the difference between his clone and the movie deuce. :D
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