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Mar 5, 2011
brighton ontario/Port Charlotte Fla
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I had my wife's MB vert delivered from Fine Cars in Toronto to Fla by Livingston truck lines.
The car had stains on the paint and the top.
The bumper was ripped off on one side and the marker light was broken.
Evil Kineval took the car off the truck as I watched.

Livingston sub contracted the move to a bunch of jokers from Buffalo.
They must have worn spurs. The driver said he drives as much as he wants per day.
I did not know that they were going to do this.
Moral of the story DO NOT USE LIVINGSTON to move even your cat litter.
Fine Cars are going to make this right no arguments, then I guess they will have a COME TO JEUSES talk with them.
This is why I deal with them as I got my 03 AE vert from them
Good morning tqracr,

WOW! I thought after my lengthy post on my "experiences" with Livingston this summer in moving my Z06 from Manny's to Edmonton they would not get getting a lot more business from forum members as a result. I am very sorry to hear that this happened to you and canonly say that I hope others will start to take note that Livingston seems to have problems delivering cars undamaged from their place of origion to their destinations.

All I can say is to stick to you guns and to read my postings on my experiences.........


I did not have a choiceon who they used.
He said it was Sea Train????
At least Fine Cars are stepping up!!!!
I am going to buy a small SUV from them as I do not need the Denali anymore , we are down to 1 dog and all out tighty whitey's arte in Fla now.
Wow, Livingston strikes again......I thought that name was familiar.:(

Hope they make it right -- tell 'em they're using the wrong carrier.

G/L with the subsequent repairs and headaches.

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