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Jul 25, 2012
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One thing you can do if we're really concerned about the environment is quit breathing: I've read that the average person emits 3 to 4 times the carbon dioxide of the average car since people are presumably breathing 24 hours a day whereas your average car sits idle most of the time. And the EPA has declared CO2 a hazardous substance

P.S Don't blame me for this forward, I'm only the messenger
Well that's a neat subject.

Yes Humans are filthy, that's for sure.

Since you bring it up, CO2 emissions in humans are nothing compared to the average person's methane emissions -- especially after beans and pickled eggs .

And don't forget all the other ways humans "pollute" ,...:rofl:

My corvette by comparison is quite clean. Indeed most modern cars are unlike some of our previous stink bombs.

I'm done.
Yah, not just the smell of the exhaust but the sound of human exhaust can't compare to the sound of our car's exhaust....however, I have heard some other cars where the sound is almost indistinguishable.:rofl:

indeed...all are very deadly tho some 'exhausts' are definitely in need of a 'tune-up' while other's are quite a symphony. (no names mentioned). :D

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