Feb 17, 2009
Guelph, Ontario, Canada
2001 Z-51 Coupe
Might as well start a new thread for Corvette's of Carlisle 2013. My son Jason and I are packed and ready to roll out of here Friday at 5 am to hook up with the Toronto Crew at 6 am at Casablanca Blvd in Grimsby--stop at the duty free in Fort Erie--then off to Carlisle, PA--very scenic drive down--should be there around 12 noon-1 pm--tour around then back to the Sheraton for the night--next day Saturday--roam the grounds looking for treasures. Should be lots of tailgator parties etc---I will post some pictures of the journey!!
Did you say Burn out!!!

this friday afternoon ritual was wild this year---I have never seen burn outs like these ones!!

After some liquid refreshments that is!!

Will Cooksey moves her into position!!

Whats left of the tire!!!

the winning team--Casper the Ghost!!

they had to shovel the raw rubber out of the Bullpen!!!
Saturday at Carlisle

So Friday evening was a great tailgator at Carlisle!! Went to bed early in the morning so we could be up for 7 to get to the fairgrounds in time to avoid traffic

Getting loose in Carlisle!!

Saturday started early!!

Got a smok'n deal (thanx to Scube, Craig and Dave) on a C6 Z06 brake kit for my vette --calling DaSilva--calling DaSilva

yellow my favourite colour I think!!

My son Jason sitting in the new C7

The green in the sunlight is amazing!!

More to come
More Saturday shots!!

more Saturday shots!!

the Asteroid Corvette---amazing paint!!

the engine bay was amazing!!

My son Jason saw some motorcycle eye candy!!

Pretty packed today at the Fairground!!

A lot of show cars!!!

Mako Shark 2--stay tuned!!
Last night at the hotel!!

Thanx to Scrube and Craig (I have an app for that!!) for leading us down and back--Super Job!!
Hotel Pool was totally refreshing!!

The income crew about 6:30 last night back from the camp grounds!!

Coming up with the PLAN for evening activities!!
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The Trip home

I am often reminded on the ride home from Carlisle--of the Led Zepplin tune "Misty Mountain Hop"----after 2 days of Carlisle the ride home is supreme!! lots of roller coasters and high speed turnpike jaunts!! Roofs off and just given her!!! As always a great crew to travel with--Scube set the adgenda's for the day--worked out great----summer--tops off and cruis'n with good folks--its what it is all about!!!

Misty Mountain Hop

Cutting thru the morning fog!!

The turnpike terrors are loose!!
Do'in what we do best---high speed cruise!!

the Susquenhana River in early morning!!

Coming into Williamsport during the Little League World Series--Japan was undefeated again in the finals--beat the US of A (California)

Traffic was very organized thru Williamsport with no delays!!

Pauly on tour!!

Tops off touring the Pennsylvania/New York Appliation Foot hills!!

Tunes just a wailing and on the move!!
Scube and Hemi Mag on the move!! Great tour guys!!

in the foothills!!
The dreaded "Border" on the way home!!!
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Looks like a great weekend! Do you go every year? I would love to tag along next year if you go.

Thanks for the pictures Willy. Carlisle is always a Blast.
P/S: not quite the bathing beauty picture we were hoping for.lol:canada:
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