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Feb 9, 2009
For our new Canadian Corvette Forum readers, here is what I posted on another Forum for our annual trip to Carlisle, PA every August. Looks like we have about 26 cars headed down this year...if history has taught us anything, the rides down and back are half the fun of going to this event. If any one here is interested in joining us, let me know as space is running out quickly.


Well, its that time of year again to start getting a handle on how many of us want to attend this year.

I have been speaking with the good people at the Sheraton Hotel in Harrisburg...
Sheraton Harrisburg Hotels: Sheraton Harrisburg Hershey Hotel - Hotel Rooms at Sheraton.com

...just a block away from where we used to stay at the Wyndham Gardens (by the TARGET store strip mall). Seems they have a lot more to offer...indoor and outdoor pool, full bar by the outside pool and movies by the pool during the summer weekends, they've agreed to rope off a part of their lot for Canadian Forum parking, etc, etc. They actually seemed liked they wanted our business which is alot more than can be said about the WG the past 2 years. And best of all, it looks like the rate will be around the $129 mark (not including breakfast) which is bit better than we had last year.

For some of the newbies, here is a link to the Carlisle site...
Carlisle Events Corvettes at Carlisle. Experience The Cars. The People. The Excitement.

The usual deal is we leave early on the Friday morning, get to the fairgrounds around 1:00, do some snooping around and head back to the hotel around 5:00. Next day, early to the show all day (while some of the ladies go on their own shopping spree) and then head back Home on the Sunday morning. Of course, everyone is free to follow the Pack or do as they please.

At this stage, I'm just looking for some general interest of who's going this year. No obligation at this point (that will be later on in April) but just so I have an idea on how many rooms to set aside.

I'll update this post as rates and availability start to surface
Mo, can you post the dates for Carlisle. The Carlisle web site (http://www.carsatcarlisle.com/) has been down a few days now. All you mention that it's in August and that you leave early Friday morning. There are four Friday's in August.


EDIT: Finally the website is working.

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