Mar 14, 2014
Does the World Need a Sequel to Corvette Summer?

by Mitch Talley on May 3, 2014

After all the success of the Star Wars series, Mark Hamill came down to earth in 1978, so to speak, and immediately starred in Corvette Summer, which has turned into a cult favorite, especially among Corvette enthusiasts.

This week, Hamill was again in the news with Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher, director J.J. Abrams, and several young actors as plans were announced for Star Wars Episode VII, with Hamill, Ford, and Fisher reprising their roles from the original 1977 blockbuster as Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, and Princess Leia, respectively.
It seems like half the movies these days are remakes. Make me wonder if Hollywood has just run out of fresh ideas. Seeing a remake of Corvette Summer with the new Z06 Convertible would be great. The blue one would be perfect for a movie. Maybe Mark Hamill can portray a grandfather who is trying to recapture the magic of his youth and fulfilling his bucket list.
Perhaps you folks are forgetting (what most people would call) a monstrosity that was made out of the C3 in the movie. It was considered by most car guys of the time and by almost anyone now-a-days to be a horrible looking car!! A remake should at least have an attractive yet radically customized Corvette.
I'm a Grandpa, have a Corvette and can find the old Route 66 with my GPS. Perhaps a camera man could tag along and film me following the old route. ZAAAAAAPPPP. Back to reality. Never saw the original movie, so I don't know anything about it. About the only old car type movie that I ever liked was American Graffiti because it was sort of like the way it was back then. I remember coming out of the theater in Peterborough and I never saw so many squirrels trying to lay rubber in my life. It was comical. They were all trying to imitate Toad I guess. ;) With most of those old car type movies, a remake could only be an improvement. Most were pretty bad.
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