Yikes!!! you mean our Arun here in Cambridge?

Yep -- just talked to Dave Rempel -- Manny's main mechanic, and it's Arun's vette. Taken from his place in Waterloo.

Dark Blue with black wheels.

There's a video of it on here somewhere.




"We'll be your posse... and keep an eye out for you."

I think I might have some rope around here....... G&Damn rustlers....

On a side note the penalty for Rustling has never been rescinded. Hmmmmmm.
Here's what Arun posted on another site:

Arun said:
Guys I need your help, on Nov 16 Friday eve or Sat morning somebody stole my C5, truck and trailer right out of my parents driveway.

No amount of money can replace this car-I want it back-complete or piece by piece.

Just some info-this was and probably still is the first and only full weight (3700lbs), fully loaded-no gutting C5 Z06 that has run 8's-and on Dot street tires to boot.

This car has AC to ABS-no gutting-stock computer and get's over 20 mpg on a hwy cruise.

There are a tonne of video's on my Youtube page of the car in action-eb02z06 is my handle there.

If anyone has any information please call me at my shop at 519-747-9794 or text my cell at 519-502-0915.

Thank you!!!!!

More info: Apparently it was a truck, trailer and car that was stolen. Here's what Arun said:
Pics to follow.

Arun said:
It's a 2007 F150-crew cab, lifted with 20" tires and mudders and a exhaust so its a bit louder.

Colour is brown-trailer was just a open car trailer-black.

Ill post pics of the truck as well.

Thanks for any help!
I sure was sad to read this after so much work has gone into that car. :(
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