I have a B&M Ripper in mine which is supposed to be the same as the Hurst.

Very short throws, very notchy and stiff to move! But now that I am used to it, I like it a lot. Actually, the best mod I did was to get rid of the factory knob and put on a Hurst Ball. Much better feel with what the shifter is doing with getting rid of the squishy padding.

If I had to do it again, I would go with a MGW becuase I've heard a lot of good things.
I had a B&M in my C5.
Definitely shorter throw, and requires more force.
But, unless you are constantly requiring fast shifting (as on a drag strip),
I don't really see the need.
While road racing, the instructors all say to
make POSITIVE shifts, but not necessarily super-fast.
I agree... positive quick shift seemed to get me around the tracks
pretty quick.
Never had downshifting problems, however, with that said, I only play around with downshifting and have not done it on track conditions. As for noise, there may be a bit more transmission noise that makes it through the shifter but nothing that would deter me from getting it again. As for needing the shifter, I don't need it for anything I do, but I enjoy having it! :)

As for the ratio, I bought it already in the car so I have no before/after knowledge. But I know it took a while to lean by feel of what gear the car was in!
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