Mar 14, 2014
Corvette Racing will be running in the 24 Hours of Le Mans this weekend ...

You can follow the C7.Rs in their quest for an eighth class title ...

Race Week Schedule: All times are ET
■Practice/Qualifying: Wednesday, June 11th
Pity the Vipers chickened out too. But really I can't say that I'd blame them. Still if the C7's can trounce the 458's that would be good enough of a day for me!

Best of luck to the C7's tomorrow then!


Here is a free live broadcast on SportlemonTV all weekend. hook up your laptop to your HDMI on your TV and your good to go

Watch Motorsports Online - FromSport -

click on th 5th link from the top for English broadcast....the screen will be covered with ads....just wait for about 20 seconds and then click on widen screen bottom right to get full screen view
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Obviously the air jack value must have been out-sourced. Maybe made in Maranello (!)??

Still hats off to a great Le Mans debut, no shame in second and many Porsche and 458 were still beaten - just wait 'til next year!


I was away but installed the le mans app on my phone so I could watch. It had a neat feature where you could pick any car and get the live feed from their on board cam. So watched an hour or so from both the 73 & the 74 POV.

Team did well, 2nd & 4th in class is pretty impressive.

If you look at the stats, 73 had the fastest lap time of 4:22 a full 14 seconds faster then anyone else in class and the 73 had the fastest average speed of 209.8 vs the first place car which averaged 209.2
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