GM can't be hurting too much for money when they can afford to shut a plant down for six months. They did do the same in the Oshawa Truck plant for the '88 truck. The place was totally gutted bare then rebuilt. The bodyshop went robotic at that time. They also added an all new robotic paint shop. I dare say that the Corvette plant is going through more than just a model change. With fewer than 12K Vettes sold last hear, I wouldn't be surprised if GM plans on building more than just the Corvette at the Bowling Green plant.
Great write up Bishs! I can't wait to see how much the plant has changed since the last time I was there. The new model sounds promising if GM is willing to shell out this kind of money and to stop production.

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Has anyone seen the new flags? wonder if I'd be able to get them for the C6 aftermarket..........
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