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Jul 25, 2014
2015 Z06
Not a good beginning for the new Vette. Not only to those who have already taken possession of the new Vette get to meet their repair facility much too soon, but also, those waiting will be waiting longer as a stop has been placed on all deliveries until the recalls have been corrected.

Some reports speak to a steering wheel air bag that is not connected to the wheel when it inflates, while another speaks to their not being a secondary rear emergency brake? One article actually asked what they guys in Bowling Green were smoking when they built these cars?

Hope this is not a sign of things to come but since MY14, GM is up to 73 recalls according to yet another source.
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Can't see the latest fix taking too long since it affects about 2k cars.
It's a setback but a minor one. -- tho tough for those expecting any day delivery.

LOL, Good to see that GM is learning by their past mistakes.:D
It may be just a faulty oil filter problem. Changing them out just to be safe would be simple and quick. From what I understand, all C7 engine failures in 2014 amounted to less than .04% which is better than Mercedes and BMW by a fair margin.
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