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Aug 5, 2011
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You guys who are waiting for free shipping -- it's on until Feb. 7th.
You should be getting a notice here and to your emails --

Code is FEB13 -- free shipping on orders more than $149.

Corvette Central is amazing,

I ordered the seat covers on Feb. 2nd. they were delivered today (Feb.6th). Can't beat that. Delivered by UPS and I had to pay the driver nothing.

A very good experience, HIGHLY recommended.

Wayne, did you get the same neoprene covers that Tony and I have?

Yes Corvette Central is very good to deal with and just as quick and easy if there's a problem too.

Yes I got the same ones. :coolgleam:

Thanks to both you and Tony :seeya::seeya: for your input, it really is a very good quality product (just took it out of the box) the pocket in the back is an extra bonus!

I don't think they will go on until it gets a little warmer.

Glad to hear that and you're welcome, but Tony must take most of the credit: He got me going on them and indeed sold me my first set. Tony is a great guy.:D

The covers are very well fitting and understandably a little 'fidgety' to install, but they fit, look and function very well. Well worth the time involved to install. You'll love 'em.

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