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Feb 3, 2019
Does anyone know how to remove? The cap comes off, however the interior part of the cap remains in the expansion tank filler hole!

I’m storing the car for the winter and wanted to check the coolant. It was a southern US car, this is my first winter. It is a 2013.

Any advise would be appreciated
Channel Lock adjustable pliers maybe? I think the caps are just a "bayonet" mount so with a pit of pressure down while twisting might just get it out. Wise idea Sadie to check the strength of the AF if it has been in the south all these years. Good advice for all.

Best of luck, let us know.
Check out other web activity on this subject....seems like these caps are an issue. You may end up destroying what’s left of the cap in the tank and buying a new one. Be careful not to damage the tank in the process. Also web sites advise using some lube on the o ring seal on the new cap to avoid future problems. Hope this helps

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Well, yes I had to destroy the old cap to check the antifreeze. Tested the antifreeze and it is fine.
Thank you for your advice, might just lube the new one I ordered to prevent future problems. I things made out of plastic is the problem.
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Glad it worked out for that you had to buy a new cap...but at least you know the AF is up to strength. A little lube on the new one can’t hurt.

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