May 7, 2014
St. Albert
2019 Z51 Convertible
As the title says, just convertible parking here. :D

Ultimately I'd like to have a photo collection with every vintage of convertible available. So I'll start with my "gone but not forgotten" VY C6.

lol. I even managed to find a snap-shot with my mug in it. :eek: Be kind .... :seeya:

Come on peeps, post up please.

OK, here ya go....

1965 Convertible

1967 Convertible

1992 Convertible

2000 Convertible

2007 Convertible

2014 Convertible
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Need more Convertibles!

So far .... pretty good. We need more posters.

So I see the C7, C6, yep the C5 and the C4 and C2 ....

Haaaaay. Wait a minute! No C1 or C3's! :eek: Ntmd8r, can you have another look in your garage for your C1 and C3 please? You must have misplaced them. :confused:

And for the bump; here is a picture my "ex" C6 with the top up, parked in downtown Jasper. This is always a great one-night cruise from home for the wife and I.

Cheers! :seeya:


first picture is Yak, BC second is in front of my house in Moose Jaw.Sask. Oldest son has the 06-z06 and youngest son has the 01-z06. I'm pretty happy with their choice of automobile.

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the '01 is turbocharged and ran a 10.43 at the track in swift current, dyno'd just over 600hp and the '06 dyno'd on a mustang dyno around 520hp. both of my sons did most of the work themselves. mine is basically stock.
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