Aug 13, 2010
Port McNeill B.C
1980 , Red ,
I just replaced the upper and lower control arm bushings on my c3 with red Energy Suspension Poly bushings. The job itself went great but after only 2 days the bushings have a hell of a squeak to them. I lubed the crap out of them with the supplied grease when I installed them but I guess that didn't help. If anyone is doing this job in the future I would just go with the stock bushings. I am looking into putting grease fittings in the bushings if possible. I just hate making more work for myself:swear:
Did this to my Camaro years back. Luckily no sqeaks. I found the "grease" to be more like a sticky glue. Was your grease similar or is it more like actual grease?

Also, did you tighten the A-arms before or after you sat the car down on the ground? When mine were installed, the guys tightened everything while the car was hanging which created a nightmare during the alignment. They should have been tightened with the car at ride height.
Feel like an idiot now... Thought I should pinpoint the noise first before going further and wouldn't you know it... the drivers side front shock is the squeaking noise... fairly new shocks and they didn't squeak before I took them out to do the a arm bushings. I should know better than to jump to conclusions. Looks like new shocks again:)
When making a change and a secondary problem crops up, it has fooled most of us at one time or another. If you have played much with cars, then you will have gotten caught in this one at some point. I know I have.
Excellent to hear you found the noise.... never would have thought about checking other items. Great advice for me to keep in my back pocket into the future about secondary problems.
Changed out the front shocks today to get rid of the squeaking. Just a note to others be careful when removing the lower shock bolts. The left side shock had come apart inside so when I took the last bolt out (with an impact gun) the shock blew apart and coated me with oil.. At least it didn't get my fingers:) No more squeaking though.. Rides perfect:)
Man you're making me nervous. I put poly bushings in the front suspension and I would much rather not hear squeaking when I finally get to drive it (in about 50 years!) Glad you found the problem and it was a simple fix.

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