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Feb 5, 2009
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Hey guys just wanted to say that the new format is great, and that we all appreciate the hard work and effort that this forum is doing providing a place for all of our Corvette enthusiast's here in Canada to hang out and share or passion for the Corvette :canada:

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Thank you very much! I think we also owe a giant thank you to people such as yourself, Manny, that come on here and help people out with their questions.

Without the helpfulness of you and all of our members and the great attitude that everyone brings, I don't think we would be as successful as we are.
I'm in on that thanks also!!! Seems like the site is constantly picking up also!!! That's great and I love the feel of the forum also.
My most frequently visited site. Thank you to those who have made this site happen and to all for making this a positive/informative place.
Agreed!! For a while I would have to commend riley for kkeping it going!!! Lol lots of new contributors though and it's re-kindled my interest also
Ohhh and ps... Once you here a few cammed cars?? You'll agree that a build without a cam just isn't complete!! What am I saying? Add another 2000 to your supercharger build hahaha
I agree this site rocks! I also just noticed that the membership is sitting at 399! right now just 1 away from 400!!! wow:eek:

yup great forum, i agree only thing is: like the US forum, posting pictures is not very easily done, but otherwis a great informative, helpful site :agree:
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