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Sep 23, 2018
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In searching I have seen here previously posted several threads such as AutoBlog’s listing of the 9 things that came out of GM’s LT6 Deep Dive Seminar. I was one of the fortune ones invited and have put together some threads, and also included key articles from others for those for whom, “never is never enough re LT technical geek information.” I hope some of these are useful/informative to you.

Credit and thanks to those super smart who can understand all of this, those who originally wrote the articles, and most of all the the truly brilliant GM LT6 engineers who shattered the old record of 622 HP for a naturally aspirate V8 and got us the LT6‘s 670 HP!

Intro article created live while the event was going on:

The very smart, prescient, and also invited to the GM event, Don Sherman @Hagerty:

LT6 Breakdown: The Z06's 670-hp V-8 is a landmark achievement

All of the 93 PointPoint slides shown during the seminar:

Another Don Sherman article this one from SAE: GM puts upcoming Z06 Corvette V8 on a different plane

My favorite LT6 video in which Jeremy Welborn interviewed Dustin Gardner, the Assistant Chief Engineer of the LT6 during the 10.26.21 reveal event:

Another great video from the talented Jason Fenske, “Engineering Explained”:

LT6 Interior Parts’ Pictures (also from GM’s LT6 Deep Dive seminar):



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May 5, 2018
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Thank you for posting all of this information as I am presently gathering as much information as possible and planning to write a book on the History of the “Chevrolet Corvette Z06” and it’s nice when Z06 information such as this comes available!

I am also gathering information on the history of the ZR1, ZR2, etc. Sometimes while collecting information for a writing project, or just research for an idea, and I often have two many ideas!

You can, and I often do while collecting information for other projects, such as the “History of the Chevrolet Corvette ZR1”.
Which was not my plan at all, but because information on the ZR1 is often in my research on the Corvette Z06, I had to start collecting and saving this information as well. I think I am becoming a Digital, Chevrolet Corvette Z06 and ZR1 Information Horder?

I have been at this Chevrolet Corvette Z06 & ZR1 collecting and layout writing for about a year now. Gathering electronic information online and buying books from old book stores just happens to be another new hobby for me!

Old books on the Chevrolet Corvette that just happen to have information about the Corvette, Z06 & ZR1 is exciting and an excellent book collection I didn’t expect.

Would it be cool and ok If I reposted some of your information on the new LT6 NA 670 HP Engine on my CorvetteSuperCars SocialMediaNetworks?

Of course I will always give credit to the correct people and content creator, Photographer, Videographer, etc.

I have not reviewed all of your information right now but plan to today. Excited to see if they answered one question that I have and if I can’t find the answer I message back!

Cheers, Michael
@CorvetteSuperCars SocialMediaNetwork
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