Jul 15, 2012
Fairview, Alberta
2006 Z06
Good afternoon Gentlemen,

So I'm finally looking at how to do this.............assuming that the flights can be worked out!

Flying to Waterloo is for some reason a major pain. Flying down not so bad, flying back to Grande Prairie, there is no way I can do it in one day! Due to parenting obligations it works out like this.

Leaving 7:30 pm Wednesday and landing in Calgary, having to spend the night, leaving Calgary at noon on Thursday and getting in to Grande Prairie at 2:20 and leaving me an hour to go to get my son which is possible.

Hamilton has much better options.

But what is the difference in distance from Hamilton to Manny's compared to Waterloo and Manny's?????

I never thought it would be a logistical nightmare!

Even arriving on a Monday I'd be leaving Grande Prairie and it looks like arriving at 7pm.

But I was sort of hoping for two full days in town.

How do landing and departing Hamilton and Waterloo compare? Any advice??


hamilton's about an hour away from Manny, by comparison, Pearson airport in Toronto is also about an hour away though so, if you need more options, definitely something to consider.
So no doubt, Kitchner's the way to go. It looks just a few miles from Manny's.........looks like I have my answer then. Shoot I was hoping it wouldn't be such a difference.

Thanks Pyro!


yeah i believe waterloo airport is about 2-3km south of manny, on a sunny day you could probably walk there. or just have manny pick you up in your z06 and maybe test it out on the runway lol :rofl:

saw your z06 this past weekend when I was at Manny's. It's looking great, no doubt you're going to fall in love all over again with your vette.

Hope it all works out for you and have a safe flight!
I'm trying to finialize the days I'll be there, hopefully I have another 24 hours before the seats disappear but I sure hope I get to meet as many of you all as possible!!

This will be one of the better momories that I will have in my life I'm thinking.......


What dates are you looking at Garry? It would be nice to meet you. I've already met your Z06.

Garry....I'm about 10 minutes from the Hamilton airport. I could pick you up and run you over to Manny's if the dates and timing were to work out. Not completely sure of what you would need from me, but I would be willing to help you out if need be.
Good evening Gentlemen,

Wow thanks for your kind offers to help this old plowboy out!

I will go over my flight options at the two airports and see which way is best for my return flight. I know that Hamilton is better price wise but for my departing flight it may be better to go from KW instead.

Right now the two times I am considering are April 22nd to 25th range or April 29th to May 2nd, depending on how flights schedule in terms of getting me back so I can pick my son up on Thursday at 3:30. There are flights available that land in Grande Prairie at 2:20 and if they are not late I should be able to make that if I don't have any checked baggage.

One miserable flight I know is from KW, I think, but it means I have to leave on the Wednesday night at like 7:30 pm and have to overnight at the Calgary airport until noon the next day before flying to Grande Prairie to land at 2:20. If I fly out of Hamilton then I don't have to leave until Thursday morning at would a better sleep be worth it??

I sure appreciate everything you guys are willing to do to help me with this. It just goes to show what a super group of people that the Corvette owners who inhabit this NCF site are to extend such hospitality to a stranger...........I'm humbled.


OK, time to get Mother Nature on side, Tuesday is rain and Wednesday showers????

How can I go crusing for shorties in that type of weather?

Plan B anyone??


Good morning C75,

Raining is fine but not when some long suffering from poor weather farm boy is coming test out his Z! Compassion, understanding, sympathy from old Mother Nature is what is needed here. I suppose this is just a typical example of how much sweeter the first ride will be when it happens. I'll be monitoring the Environment Canada forecast to look for a break in the weather. Sort of like Ike was doing just before D-Day!


Best wishes for good weather Garry! I'm trying to move my daughter today in between thunderstorms!

I hoping that I can meet up with you at Manny's when you come to pick up your baby.

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Good morning

And of course now the forecast is +14, +11 for Tuesday and Wednesday, no rian or showers! Grrrrrrr! Looks like I'll have to take the plung and just book a time and take my chances. I'm not sure if anything is still available flightwise for the 22nd - 25th or if I'll have to go with the 29th-2nd. I hope to get time today to look into flights.

Tomorrow here, snow, winds 40 to 60 km/hr again! If I wanted this I'd move to Lethbridge - the wind anyway...........


Let us know what you arrange Garry and we'll help out where we can.

It is looking better for the coming week but it's a toss-up as to whether it transpires or not...... :rolleyes:

Flurries and cold for the next couple days here....very 'mercurial' lately. A bit of a PITA ..

This would be so funny if it was happening to someone else............

I send the above email BEFORE I looked outside, 10 cm of heavy wet snow last night! It is a total mess outside. Forecast for wind still the same for tomorrow too. Looks like a battening down the hatch kind of weekend.

Thanks for the support Colin. I still have to look into flight seat availability but right now and getting ready to have lunch with my son at school. It is a back to back day of this, swimming yesterday and lunch today. Today is a bit more of a struggle though as it ends at 12:30, so what do I do between then and 3:30, come back here? 40 min drive one way, then have to head back by 2:50? I'd go for a walk on the golf course trails but I can imagine the shape they are in and wet feet are not something I really enjoy! In the past I've brought a book and done crossword puzzles............

The things I do to spend time with my son! But I also have to be honest that I am lucky that I am in my situation in life that I have the choice to do this too.


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