Jan 25, 2009
73 Corvette Coupe
I decided long ago to paint some chassis parts a contrasting color to the black frame. I was always thinking red but now I have the problem of having to decide what color I want the body just so I can paint the chassis parts. Is there any color that looks good with red (besides Black, White, And Silver) that I could/should use. I don't think I want to pick a random red that won't match the body. My main thought right now is a blue or baby blue and then put the same colour fender stripe on when done the body.

Any thoughts guys?

Almost everything goes well with red and black. Tan looks good, but might not be the color you want your car. Pewter is close enough (or champagne) to look good. Vlue also works, but I'd go with a steel blue, not a baby blue. Charcoal is another option (dark grey).

Let us know what you decide.
Most people will see the fender stripe, not the chassis parts so I would decide on the colour based on the stripe. My thoughts, are not to go with more than three colours on the car.
In my case the body is white, tires/top are black, interior is red. I'd never dream of adding another colour.

I'll also go with blue.

However your car, your money, YOU make yourself happy :)
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