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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. — A sinkhole formed Wednesday under the National Corvette Museum here, swallowing eight cars, according to its executive director.

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Dayum -- Terry and I were there in 2011 for a visit -- Really enjoyed it and want to go back some time.

That's a real shame. Thankfully nobody was hurt and the cars will be recovered and repaired, and the building fixed.

That's a stunning development. While we were there in '11 we heard stories of other sink holes in the area some as close to where we were.

Strange goings on under the surface.....:eek::eek:

I merged all the threads about the sinkhole into this thread so we can all stay on the same thread.

Quite a surprise about the sink hole. I had no idea this was common in Kentucky! Seems like it would be good to do foundation checks every six months or year to see if anything is going on underground!

Glad they saved the '83! Too bad to see the other vettes damaged or totaled off. The '62 doesn't look too damaged but the '93 is partly upside down which can't be good! Glad no one was hurt in this event!
Reading post #2 none of the cars are on loan from private owners .It still sucks but it could be worse .I also bet that most of the cars can be restored ,usually money can fix most things .Still sad
My Vette buddy in Kelowna said the Factory is across the street.... hope no sinkholes there.

Your 2014 Corvette delivery date has been delayed 2 years due to a Collapse at the factory........ kidding... well, hope not!
I only saw four vehicles in one video, which means the rest must be somewhere buried below. Now, how do you go about getting the cars out. The ground certainly isn't safe for big cranes, they may just end up in the hole on top of the cars. An interesting situation for sure. As for the buried cars, they won't be in very good shape by the time they are dug out, if they can be dug out.
Saw video taken from a drone and I didn't see all the cars either .There is a lot of under mining and there is little under the floor slab back about 10-15 feet .Our company owns cranes and we do specialty rigging .It looks like a challenge to get them out ,I'd love to have the retrieval job .
I can't believe that this happened!! Leeann and I have been there twice, walked through thay area, and even had dinner there for Z06Fest!!!! What a tragedy.

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