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Jun 23, 2019
1990 L98 C4 Coupe
I can't find many options for a cold air intake on my 90 L98. This is all I've found if anyone knows any others please share.
Screenshot 20190809 095856
Hey JCU.

I been thinking along the same lines, and I think I may be able to cobble together (You also) a (custom) sort of set up using the following hardware in the link I provided.

My only concern at this point, and needs further looking into, is the MAF sensor location, and if there is one at all. I seem to recall, the LT1 is on a Speed density system, different setup than mass air flow sensing, if you get anymore on this, should you decide this may be the way you want to go please let me know. I suppose a simple call to TPIs would do it. It DOES however provide a NEW location for the Air temp sensor. OEM is on the intake manifold under the fuel rail some wheres passenger side on the L98, I think, lol. Anyway its in a heat soaked area that gives, I think bad info to the ECU as to the ambient air temp reporting, so then it adjusts the fuel tables/AFR (Air fuel ratio which should be 14.7:1) according to the Inlet temp. In theory thats fine, if the snorkel air charge and the temp the manifold temp is the same. Its not, same reasoning why its a good mod to by-pass that heater tube going into the TB. I ran mine straight to my heater core inlet, from the block. Plugged the holes in the throttle body. GM thought it was a good idea to pre-heat the air charge going in. (Worried apparently the TB would freeze up in mountain elevations. We dont generally use our old cars in the winter, or winter conditions.)

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I’ve got the slp one on my 88.

Does it make a difference?

Meh, not really. At least not enough for you to feel it in the ol’ “assometer”...
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I had an SLP CAI on my old Camaro LT1. If it made any difference to horsepower is anyone's guess but the sound of the intake when I stomped on it was well worth the cost :Biggrin:
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I was going to install a High Flow Cold intake on my LT 5 engine some years ago, but after investigating found the H/P increases was minimum for the cost.
I was going to install a High Flow Cold intake on my LT 5 engine some years ago, but after investigating found the H/P increases was minimum for the cost.

No Way Cruzin.... Some even advertise gigantic gains... Surely the manufacturers can't be wrong... For example... Note the rear wheel HP increase... And the standing mile time increase. (out of interest, they use to use those numbers as a 1/4 mile increase)

In other words, for what it's worth, I agree with you. And the costs have tripled in the last few years.

Performance Guarantee
In total, you can expect 32-37 rear wheel horsepower. Translated into real road performance:
  • 3.5 - 4 tenths off the standing mile time
  • 3.5 - 4 mph faster trap speeds
  • 7-10 mph higher on top speed
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