I think I would just go with the 'glass rear spring, a sway bar and a set of Bilsteins. That's what I hope to do some day anyway.
The heat shield will come with the spring. You might want to add some "reflective type" material depending if your exhaust is close to the spring - as not all exhaust installs are the same. Mine worked out just fine with the supplied heat shield from the spring. The cost savings from the monospring/Bilsteins compared to the Shark-bite coilover, will pay for my Borgeson steering box conversion........IMO money well spent to find a better steering/suspension balance than stock. One other thing; if you decide to go this route, I highly recommend heim-jointed adjustable strut rods.........stay away from the poly ends, as they will bind when subjected to the 3D forces that the rods have exerted on them.

Here's a cool vid on the Shark-Bite:

C3-SharkBite Suspension - YouTube
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