Sep 3, 2010
2006, base
the location chosen for the coffee gatherings, was selected
so to give attendees enough time behind the wheel to make it enjoyable/
worthwhile without making it overly time consuming. The Mud St. location
ensures no one drives longer than ~ an hour, to get there.

Case75 in Owen Sound has ~ 135km to Guelph, [ over 2 hrs], let alone
Stoney Creek, so where we meet is a real challenge to him. Yet if we
try to meet in Guelph or Fergus, not only does Case75 have a whole lot
of driving, but now so do Tony,[welland ]and John D.[port dover] ~110km.

Really don't know what the solution is to this dilemma. Seems 'mean' to
say to Case....tough !! [g], yet moving the meeting to ,say, Guelph,
doesn't improve matters.
Maybe I'm over thinking the whole thing !! Suggestions....anyone ?

Who is game to try and meet week of 15 oct ?? Site....tbd.

Tony, welland
Tony, I really appreciate your efforts here but I feel like a bit of an interloper as your meets were started in an area central to all of you. And with my work schedule (12 hour rotating shifts), I am not always available. Monday could work for me but it really depends on the weather and this time of year is becoming less reliable. The Corvette club I belong to (Saugeen Shores) is trying to get out for one last cruise this week but that is looking less and less likely to happen due to the forecast. The great part of where I live is the scenery; the downside is I'm a 2 hour drive from everywhere. Is there any place suitable just south of Guelph? I have a friend who used to live in Morriston so I know that area. He recently moved to Dundas.

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No idea if it would suite us but I'll suggest Riverside Park

709 Woolwich Street, Guelph (no, It's not just up the street from Manny's}

Large 32 hectare (80 acre) park, the second park to be established in Guelph, and lies on the shores of the Speed River. The park was created by the Guelph Radial Railway in 1905, to improve the revenue of the streetcar line, which charged 5 cents a ride to get to the park. The park has three hardball diamonds, a volleyball court, a carousel, a kiddie train ride, paddle boat rentals, 2 play grounds, public washrooms, a concert bandshell, a dutch windmill, and a floral clock. The Speed River Trail (part of the Trans Canada Trail) passes through the park.

Anyone ever been there?
Weather forecast not looking good for the next week. I think the baby will be going to bed for the winter soon. Unless there is a huge improvement in the forecast for Monday...:(
Monday I'm off all day. I can do Tuesday; just have to work that evening. Weather looking better for Monday; even better for Tuesday. Either day for me then.

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weather from CTV, and accruweather all appear to suggest that
rain is at least 40% likely sat,sun and monday. At present tues.16th looks good !!

If we agree to the Tims as described by Colin above,by Riverside park, Guelph, should we plan on meeting there about 11.30am on the tuesday ??
Do a weather check on monday morning just to confirm its 'a go'.
Reasonable ??

Tony, welland
I'll be amazed if that forecast holds out. -- rain every day for at least the next week but not on Tuesday.
Let's see what the forecast for Tuesday is on Monday.


Tuesday still looking good? I can be there by 11 AM. We meeting at the Tim's or the park?
Tuesday still looking good? I can be there by 11 AM. We meeting at the Tim's or the park?

Yep, Tuesday is still lookin' good......let's hope it holds out.

Probably best to meet at the park and walk back over to Tim's if it's close. Not sure how big that Tim's is -- some are very small with not much parking.
Will know better once we go.

Monday's forecast will tell the tale. Interestingly, the rest of the week promises rain. Tuesday is looking real nice.

If you want an extra piece of location.
Woolwich is a short street. Woodlawn crosses it to the north, while Speedvale crosses
it to the south.
Tim's is nearer Speedvale.
Arby's is @ 670 woolwich, while McD's is at 735 woolwich.

Please check here monday evening to make sure we're a 'go'.

Tony, welland
Might be best to meet at Tim's parking lot on Woolwich (698) -- should be next to Arby's -- and go from there.
11:30 would suit Tony best since he has a long trek too.

How does that sound Case75?

Here's the link again to that Tim's at 698 Woolwich street in Guelph.

I just need to disconnect the battery charger, put gas in the Vette and I'll be good to go. I'm still aiming for 11 am just to give my self some time. Tim's sounds fine.

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If the weather holds, I'll be headed for just north of Morriston/401 on hwy 6 at the Tim's to wait for Tony and Kathy who are leaving Welland at 10.
They probably won't get to that Tim's until close to 11:15 - 11-30 and it's about 20 minutes from there to the Tim's on Woolwich in Guelph.

Let's hope the weather holds.
Log back in later to make sure it's a go.

The weather is holding out. Amazing.
So far Greg, Tony & Kathy, Terry and I are headed to Guelph tomorrow.

John and Brian -- are you going too?

All being well Tony, Kathy, Terry and I should be at the Tim's at 698 Woolwich street sometime around 11:30 hopefully. Don't worry if we're a few minutes late.

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