Nov 3, 2012
buckhorn ontario
this place is well known for their chinese food. the patio is a great spot to have a meal and watch the boats pass through lock 31 of the trent canal system. originally called the windsor hotel, built in 1904,my uncle bob took it over from his father in law and ran it from 1926 until 1966. the walls are covered with old photos showing how life in buckhorn [a logging town ] was in the early 20th century. a very nice destination for a summertime cruise. :D
keith that website has alot of incorrect info on the history. it was operated as a tourist lodge right from 1904/05 and the family lived there. it catered to the fishing tourists and guides could be arranged. my dad acted as a guide when he was a teenager in the late 20's and early 30's. it was also a focal point to go and socialize. there is one photo on the wall of a young lady in a chair on the rock hill reading a book circa 1907/08. that lady is my grandmother. back in the 30's, uncle bob even had a one armed bandit there for awhile. i remember as a kid going with mom and dad to have pie and ice cream with uncle bob and aunt gladys in the sunporch. the chinese food there today is tremendous. :D
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