Apr 30, 2012
2005 C6 1SB
On another site I see where a person can run into a problem with the clutch slave cylinder getting clutch dust into the clutch hydraulic fluid and cause the cylinder to hang up. It's a fair job to pull the cylinder on these newer cars. Surely someone can come up with a cylinder that is properly sealed. How about an accordion bellows over the shaft so that dust can't get anywhere near the cylinder shaft. The car assembly body shop is a dusty dirty place and that is what we did with the weld gun air cylinders to keep the sparks and abrasive dust out of the cylinders. Time to put a bug in the ear of an aftermarket company to come up with something, but who? Perhaps Manny know someone.
Good point! So far the only fix is to change the fluid often....not really a fix fix but more of a band-aid fix. I just got Dot 3 fluid to change the clutch fluid in my car. It's #1 on the list along with coolant flush and change as well as replacing the oil.

I wonder what the shaft looks like if it could be retrofitted with a bellows...but material choice would be critical I am assuming.....
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