Oct 30, 2010
Chilliwack, B.C
2007 Indy Pace Car
Can anyone tell me what the clearance is for a 2007 --Spoiler to Ground. I have a aprox 20 Degree slope on my driveway and measured my exsisting vehicle. I have 5" to work with ,anything less than that I'll have to plank it up a bit or come in sideways??Any help out there .I know its going to be close , I get my new wheels tomorrow Thanks Guys
Well I was thinking of getting me some frame savers....maybe they should help cause my driveway is similar to yours...


You can also get what are called fangs. They opt to let the car slide instead of roll and have a little lower profile.

You'll find the link here:Fangs

I'm not sure but I didn't see these on Corvette Centrals website. Maybe they could chime in if they have them or not.
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