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Jan 11, 2009
2000 Z51
Well, I doubt this will help anyone else, but if someone does have Radio Flyers Stealth Light Cannons and the lenses are clouding, this will help.

So, the headlights on the car were starting to look hazy and just not that awesome. I talked with George and the problem was that the UV inhibitor didn't mix properly with the plastic when these were molded.

This is about three years into owning the lights.

Since, they were looking old and brought down the look of the car, I decided to order new lenses made of a different plastic that is much more stable. And since I was getting new lenses, I decided to use Mother's Head light restoration kit on the old lenses. If it messed up the lenses, whatever, I got new ones coming. :D The kit consists of 4 grits of sandpaper with the smoothest being 2000 grit, a power ball that attaches to a drill and polishing paste.

The only problem was that on the first one, I used the sand paper on the inside of the lens and it really clouded up. It took three days of sanding and buying 3000 grit paper then followed by polishing to get it ok. The other light, I just sanded the outside, followed by polishing the inside and outside to come out almost like new.

The results are below:



And side by side:

And finally, the car is back together and it feels much better driving it. Up next are some new clear corner lights to complete the update on the front end.


And no, I don't have the Corvette parked in the garden. Damn weeds just grow everywhere! :rofl:
One of these days I need to invest in some better lighting for the C5. Always been disappointed with the lack of night vision.

Riley you did a great job on cleaning up those lights. Looks better and I am sure you can see better. Like Colin's suggestion I have used Meguiar's on a couple of off topic cars and their headlight restoration system works really well.

Nice job.
Thanks B03Z! I can see a much sharper line now with the head lights. I still have some playing to do with them, but they work well now.

That product looks pretty good LP. May be a good protectant to keep things from degrading in the first place.
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