Tell me what you guys think of this....Maybe someone has had an expirience with chipping their vette....


Its a BS gimic .

All this is a resistor that cost's about 25 cents .
It tricks the IATS (air intake temp sensor ) into thinking it see a lower temp .

The only way to get preformance through the ECM in C5 & C6's is with real time tuning of the ECM .
Just tricks the ECM to adjust the fuel in the preset tables to a richer percentage.
This will not really give you anymore power but could over time effect your cats
and plug them, also you could notice less km per tank with this mod.

This on its own will not really help you with X number of HP.
Spend a few more buck and get a hand held tuner and do some minor adjustments
with ignition timing, trims and fuel or get a professional tune thru Manny.
Don't waste your time...or money. Get it tuned by a tuner on the dyno. Preferably HP Tuners or EFI Live. A handheld tuner would be bare minimal (such as Diablosport Predator or SCT). I'd even use a dyno for those as well.
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