$3.30 per US gallon here and it's Canadian gas .The only places that it's high are at gas stations within 20 miles of the boarder because they don't want Canadians to cross the boarder and buy their own gas .:mad:
Wow Stephen -- ours is about $2 (CAD) more for an equal amount of fuel.
Even when figuring in the dollar diff we continue to be ripped off. F'n Bastg's :mad:
With the exception of Citgo and shell everything is Irving from New Brunswick even Exxon and Mobil are actually Irving .Must say it's quality stuff .

Thanks Canada :seeya:
Many years ago we were down in Vermont and New Hampshire and a garage guy was telling us about how Irving would move into town, undercut everyone and take over. Not the kind of company I would deal with, if this was actually the case. There really isn't much if any competition out there any more. The biggest buy up the smaller successful companies and kill off the rest.
I took a drive to Florida this summer, when I left it was $1.40/litre in Toronto, I filled up the car in Virginia at 85 cents/litre including conversion...
It's already happening in the states. Topped up the Liberty yesterday for $2.78 a gallon in Oak Harbour Wa. 10 gallons for 28 bucks, WOO HOO!!!! Even with US gallons that's .74 cents a liter.
Its around a $$1.49- $1.53 a liter in BC 94 octane or like $5.67 Cdn a Us Gallon ...:swear:
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