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Dec 31, 2009
Ponoka, Alberta
2001 C5
As per a recent discussion on strayhrk's thread:

How would April 27th at the Timmies in Ponoka work for everyone?

Somebuddy kinda nominated me ( The Bastard, I'll get em).

Weather forecast is looking good for that weekend.

Any thoughts, problems, suggestions?

Sounds like May 5th is preferable, hopefully weather and the Streets will be better.

MAY 5th at 10;00 am at the Ponoka A&W it is...

So Far: (List updated)

Bearly Flying 01 C5 Coupe Mag Red
91 ZR-1 Coupe Arctic White
Somebuddy 02 C5 Convt Millennium Yellow
Stephanis01 ?? C6 Coupe Velocity Yellow
Bill 00 C5 Convt Millennium Yellow
Wayne 88 C4 Coupe Pewter
Rick 08 ZO6 Camelion Blue
Rocky 05 Convt Sunset Orange Met
Ron 06 Coupe Atomic Orange
alstom Z06
Dick 06 Convt Velocity Yellow
Duane 02 Convt Victory Red
Bill C4 Tan
(Bills Neighbour) C5
Lyle 00 C5 Coupe Pewter

Let's hear it. All are Welcome.
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I'd like to come, but I'll still be on vacation at that time. Could we aim for the following Saturday, perhaps? I'm interested, but alas, I'll be unavailable. The extra week might give it some time to rain and get the gravel off the roads too--which would be more encouraging to bring the 'Vettes out at that point anyways.

If not, I know we'll have others........

May 4th would work good for me. Would also give guys another week to get their cars out of hibernation. Who knows BF you may even surprise us and get the ZR1 out!! (You did say something about turning the pressure up....right)

Breakfast at A&W is on 7am -11am on Sundays. Would the out of towners like to meet say by 10:00am or would a later start be better say around noon or 1pm. Think most of us in town are flexible with a start time.
Hey May 5th works, the wife has to work so that leaves me either washing and waxing the car and drinking beer or meeting up with some new friends for breakfast and the washing and waxing the car and drinking beer in the afternoon, looks like to me it is a win win situation lol..
by the long range forcase it is looking like + 12 for Friday the 3rd
10 or noon. We should hear from otehrs that may be coming a bit further away. We are about an hour and 15 mins, depending on how we handle the first tour of the year. Never know may have to clear some stale fuel!!
ok, well then I'm good with 10 if that's ok with everyone but majority rules. Earlier means more tmie to drive, meet, visit and then drive some more!
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