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Sep 21, 2014
2003 C5 vert
Well I pulled the pin. I was going to put this off because of the exchange rate, shipping etc but I've just got to have them!
CCW polished T-10's 19'' all around!
Looks like 3wks for delivery.

Freaking AWESOME!!!! I love the CCW wheels and have been looking at them for quite a while and last year I was right on the edge but with the exchange, I'm just no longer in the market and have gone right off the other side with deciding to keep the old wheels and replace the rubber for now......why am I babbling? Because I am jealous! Looking forward to seeing the pics!!! I wish I was in the same situation!
It's going to be real tough Riley but very much worth it to me. I was never real happy with the stock wheels and wheel sizes. My existing tires are like new so maybe I will try and sell the original rims and existing tires to help things along. This is how they will look on my C5 which is the same as the one pictured here.

048.jpg Photo by 2000vert | Photobucket

Everything paid, friggen tax and brokerage was 630.00!
They will be here tomorrow, Tues. YIPPEEEEEEEEEEE!!:driving:


ps. crap, now I need tires.:seeya:
Tried to upload photos but no go. I tried photo bucket but it seems to only accept zip codes not postal.:mad: HELP!

Riley, the message I get is that I am at my limit. Perhaps with the current hosting each member has a limit. I don't think it's a photo size thing.

Got the photo thing straightened out so here are a few photos of the T-10's from CCW.



  • CCW wheels 001.JPG
    CCW wheels 001.JPG
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  • CCW wheels 008.JPG
    CCW wheels 008.JPG
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  • CCW wheels 011.JPG
    CCW wheels 011.JPG
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    CCW wheels 005.JPG
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Great looking wheels Bill. Put a couple of coats of RejeX on them before you mount the tires if you can.

Can't wait to see them on the car. What tires did you decided to buy?
Haven't bought tires yet, still waiting for the money tree to re-foliate.
Michelin Pilot Super Sports most likely.
I have found a guy in Vaughn with some excellent car care product's. I will be doing a two step treatment on protecting the wheels. I have done one wheel so far and the final result seems to be excellent.

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