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Jan 11, 2009
I've mentioned this in an earlier tip but thought I'd remind everyone with a high quality video production of how you can use FIlters (Filtered Threads and Posts) to only show new threads and posts that you care about. Think of this as a filtered What's New View. Note the regular What's New View is unaffected.

In the example video I setup a Corvette C7 ONLY filter and save it as my default but you can string up multiple filters and only select to view new content that you care about:

Note we are tracking a bug where filters cannot be fully removed so no need to report it. You simply have to replace the filter with another.
Reminder to our members, I am soon thinking of replacing our what's new page with a more advanced version as pictured above (Filtered Page).

This functionality has been available for a while though seldom used. Hit the Filtered Threads|Posts|Trending links under What's New to check it out or the link below:

This view allows you to select and set as default new posts and threads only from your selected forums and sub forums. Basically a nice way of blocking out my announcements ;)

I am thinking of trying this out this weekend and see how people find this functionality.
I think that's a good idea, as long as you still have a page with new posts from anywhere. I go there regularly not because some of the sections I visit can get slow, but sometimes just too see what's new which may have nothing to do with the sections I regularly go in :)

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