Sportsbook Betting is here

CCF is proud to find new ways to dispossess you of your VetteCoins so we are rolling out our very first beta version of a Sportsbook Betting Emporium. Every so often we will create events and outcomes (with moneyline odds) which you can wager your VetteCoins on for the chance to win big or the next outage to bring you to more tears.

Currently ALL sportsbook events will be curated by staff however in the very near future we will be looking at bonafide bookies to help us make some of these events happen.

We are also allowing you to create side bets with other members using the member bets functionality. Simply click on the member bets tab under the sportsbook event and create your own bet that's open to the public or only open to a specific member.

All betting is for entertainment purposes only and using our virtual cash system VetteCoins.

I've created our very first event, the F1 GP at Imola this weekend. Don't waster your time, there's literally only 1 day left for your wagers before it closes.

You can access the feature via the Sportsbook link at the top navigation menu (you may need to scroll to the right) or hit the direct link here: Sportsbook

Little walkthrough video below:

Link to video if it doesn't render well: (12) Canadian Corvette Forums
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